SOLOMOM QUICK by Solomon Quick written by Charlie Fox Chapter Ten


Some people seem to be different.  And they can’t help it.  It’s not their fault.  People just see them that way.  I think Harmony Dubois id is ike like that; she appears to be different but she’s really not.  And I think the only reason she’s considered different is because she’s living in Moon Lake.  If she were living someplace else maybe it wouldn’t be that way.  Some people are different in a bad way.  Not Harmony.  And just because they appear different it doesn’t mean they’re bad.  But there’s a lot of morons that don’t understand that.

I gotta be honest, if it weren’t for Melanie Hero, I might be inclind inclined to ask Harmony Dubois out.  She’s pretty, I think, and very smart.  She’s got brown eyes, too, like Melanie.  I guess I’m still holding out hope with Melanie.

A big difference though is that most od of the girls hang around with Melanie and not Harmony.  I mean, Harmony has friends, just not near as many as Melanie.  And, of course, Melanie is dating Thor Magnus and Harmony isn’t.

Harmony’s family came from somewhere down South, too, like Mister Billy Lee James.  She has an accent, too, but not quite like our Beloved Principal.  They live in a big old farmhouse not too far outsie outside of Moon Lake.  The front porch of the farmhouse looks kinda rickety like it might fall over or something.  Arnold said once, “If any of them fart on the porch it’ll fall over.”  That Arnold, he’s a real comedian.

Harmony rides the same bus I do.  I try to sit next to her sometimes but she’s usually sitting with Cathy Dinkle.  It’s nice of Cathy Dinkle to sit next to Harmony and be friends with her, but Jesus, I’d like more chances.  I maen mean, doesn’t Cathy Dinkle ever get sick?  She’s gotta be the healthiest kid in the history of Moon Lake High School.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really wish illness an on anybody, but Holy Crap.

The Dubois Family moved here just a year ago.  Harmony is a year behind me in school.  I guess she has two older brothers who stayed down South somewhere and it’s just Harmony and her mom and a little sister and a little brother.  They’re all pretty nice.  I don’t know why everybody picks on them.

I hear other girls talking about Harmony behind her back.  It pisses me off to be honest with you.  Ocassoin Occasianill Occasionly Sometimes I say something to the girls and they just tell me to shut up. Nice.

At least Harmony talks to me which is better than most of the girls.  I mean, Melanie talks to me, too, even after all the stuff I’ve done to her.  Accidentally of course.  Even though Melane still calls me Simon.  But that’s okay.

thonk think one reason people pick on the Dubois kids is because they’re kinda poor.  In fact, many times Harmony wears the same clothes to school two days in a row.  A lot of the girls make fun of her because of that.  It doesn’t bother me though.  She looks pretty good no matter what she’s wearing to tell you the truth.

I felt kinda bad because I guess I didn’t stick up for Harmony as much as I should hve have.  (Even though that just recently changed).  I mean, she even danced with me once at one of the goofy dances we had.  It was the “Spring into ’71 Dance”.  In April.  Like 1971 began in April.  Jesus, the New Year began four months earlier.  And the Moon Lake School System thinks we’re  idiots.

Anyway, I told Jimmy Stafford I wanted to dance with Harmony and he thought I was crazy.  He said, “Why do you want to dance with that loser for?”  Frankie Dillon was the one playing the music and he was putting on records of fast songs so I thought it was safe to ask Harmony to dance.  Just  my luck, Pamela Willison took over playing the music and being a girl she started to play slow, romantic, mushy songs just as Harmony and I got to the dance floor.   She smelled kinda nice, actually.  Not like soap like Marion; just nice.  Thank God she didn’t smell like Arnold.  I looked over at Stafford and he was laughing his ass off.  I didn’t care.  Harmony was holding me kinda close which made me sweat a little.  I was nervous as hell tobe to be honest with you.

Harmony Dubios is really nice, too.  I mean, besides agreeing to dance with me, she’s nice in other ways, also.  Like, I don’t think she’s ever been sent to Mister Billy Lee James’ Office.  It could be because she’s only been here a year.  Give her time.  Of course, I’ll never know if she gets in trouble next year, if I graduate.  Yeah, if I graduate.

Like I said before, Harmony is really smart.  In fact, in chemistry class all the Juniors take a test that all Juniors all over the country take.  I guess they want to see where the smart kids are and where the dumb ones are.  Well, Harmony scored the highest of anyone in the country on that chemistry test.  When I took that test last year I scored the lowest in the country.  That must have confused the shit out of the people that made us take the test; knowing they had a really smart kid in chemistry and a really dumb kid in chemistry at the same little school.

Arnold:  “Well, Solomon, it looks like your dreams of being a Rocket Scientist just went out the window.”

Sometimes I just can’t stop laughing at that hilarious Arnold.

The reason I got sent to Mister Billy Lee James’ Office the last time was because of Harmony Dubois.  Well, actually it was because of Gregg Locke, not Harmony.  It was a Friday and we just got off the bus to begin that wonderful last day of the week.  When Harmony and Cathy Dinkle got off the bus, Gregg Locke was standing there with a bunch od of his knucklehead friends.  They’re all football players and jocks and they think they’re pretty tough.  Well, they are, but that’s knda kinda besides the point.

Gregg Locke started saying stuff to Harmony as soon as she exited the bus.  He was telling her she was a loser and she smelled and she was ugly and all sorts of crap.  I was really getting pissed.  Finally he said something and I guess I just lost it.  And I thought of how that Jack-O guy stood up for that kid in camp years ago.

So I walked over to Locke and kicked him in teh the knee, his right knee.  I would have hit him in the face first, but you see Gregg Locke is over six feet tall.  And from where I stand he kinda looks eight feet tall to be honest with you.  So I had to kick him first.  When he bent down to grab his knee, well, that’s when I punched him in the face with my left fist.

It was pretty smart of me if I must say so myself; using my left first fist.  That way I wouldn’t hurt my good hand.  I guess I really didn’t think much of the consequences until a split second after I hit him.  It was kinda like in class as soon as I say something smartass and regret it immediately.  Yeah, it was kinda like that only this time I knew the punishment was going to be much, much worse than being sent to Mister Billy Lee James’ Office.  I was right.

I recall Gregg Locke swearing, saying stuff I can’t repeat here.  I remember his mouth was bloody.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have laughed when I saw his face because that’s kinda the last thing I remember.  I always asumd assumed Gregg Locke’s Pummeling Technique would be quite effective.  I never wanted to be on the recieving end of it, however.  And my situation didn’t end as successfully as Jack-O’s.

So a half hour later we were sitting in Mister Billy Lee James’ Office.  I was still able to scratch Patton’s head with my good right hand.  Looking over on the other end of the couch and seeing Gregg Locke’s swillen swollen mouth helped me deal with my pain.

Mister Billy Lee James:  “Do you know why y’all are here?”

This time his “y’all” actually made sense.

Me:  “We’re here because we got into a fight at the bus stop and I kicked the shit out of Locke.”

Locke started on a tirade of swear words that I knew would get him in even mre more trouble, especially knowing that he actually kicked the shit out of me.  I also knew he was dim-witted enough to start cursing in front of Mister Billy Lee James.

We each got detention for the rest of the year, which is only a few more weeks.  And for me it was worth it.  I was aware that people pick on Harmony and call her names, most of them are pretty bad, but I guess I never thought they were that bad until then.  All those things Locke was saying were pissing me off but not enough to want to hit him.

What got to me and really pushed me over the edge is when Gregg Locke called her a nigger.















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